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Quality Control
CMM #2
The Quality Control is department within Westcoast verifies the accuracy of every part we manufacture. Westcoast's quality policy is "Zero defects, period." Westcoast uses the latest in high-tech Mitutoyo CNC Coordinate Measuring Machines-- the same type that military, aerospace and automotive industries use to verify their most critical components.
Our Coordinate Measuring Machines offer inspection envelopes for most manufacturing jobs. Their CNC capabilities offer accurate repeatability during in-process part inspection. Our other available inspection tools provide our customers
with an additional level of service and quality, making our parts the finest they can be.

The Quality Control Department has a process of multiple checks throughout the manufacturing process to ensure accuracy of every part. Beginning at receiving inspection, all raw materials and castings are checked for quality and conformance to design criteria, continuing through machining and first article inspection and approval for initial production release, in-process inspection assures continual verification of conformance to print criteria regarding form, fit and function. Last, final inspection verifies the product is manufactured to print specification, treatment and aesthetic appearance.