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Westcoast Performance has a full service engineering department equipped to assist you in product development and evaluation. Each Westcoast engineer is driven to discovery, problem solving, customer service and product excellence. Westcoast is fortunate to have the highest level of engineering expertise on staff. It has long been the belief at Westcoast that we match our employees abilities with tools that compliment their talents. Westcoast engineers use only the highest quality tools for engineering design and manufacture so your product becomes the finest it can be.
Using Pro/ENGINEER® (parametric solid modeling software), Pro/MECHANICA® (structural analysis software) and Pro/MOLD[TM] (permanent mold design software) our engineers provide solutions to the most demanding design requirements. We can also use this software to reverse engineer an existing product or design you may already have in use, discovering ways to make the part more efficient, more durable and more attractive to both the manufacturer and their customer.

From blueprints and patterns, to the final finishing of your product, Westcoast has the knowledge and expertise to serve you.